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Lee Family Reunion

Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport to connect flight on Air Asia 吉 隆機 場

Kuala Lumpur low cost airlines airport Terminal

Kuala Lumpur low cost airlines airport Terminal

Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching 飛往古晉

Arrival Kuching, first taste of Kor Lo Mee 古晉著名乾撈糆

Graveyard 爸媽的墓地

Laksa Noodles for breakfast

Visit Chong Ling's Golf Course 參觀忠麟的高球場

ChongLing explaining his golf course project 忠麟介紹他的高球場計劃


Sidney & Eli  陳哲匯,邵意來

with old school mates, Angela's parents

Kuching Cat Museum 古晉貓博物館

摩托船古晉河一遊  River boat ride  on Kuching river




Sarawak Club

Stamp of approval

最好吃的珍多冰  Best Chendol in the world

破記錄 - 九碗!!  Eli broke the world record, 9 bowls of chendol....

Padungan Kindergarten 斌斌的幼稚園

Chong Ling's Residence 忠麟的家


Kuching Airport ready for flight to Kuala Lumpur 飛往吉隆玻

Air Asia flight

Arrival Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport

Dinner at Cameron Highland Hotel

Karaoke & Dance

Gary Chow??? 曹格??

喝醉了嗎??  Still grooving after all the drinks......

Family Sharing time....... 家庭會議分享

Cameron Highlands sightseeing 金馬倫高原一日游

Enjoy Tea at Teahouse 茶園品享香茶

Our Hotel Equatorial Hill Resort Cameron Highlands  
金馬倫高 原酒店

Karaoke time

We were allocated these bungalow type rooms 

Kuala Lumpur Impiana Hotel Lobby 
吉隆酒 店大堂

Our Hotel room at Impiana Kuala Lumpur 
吉隆酒 店房間

Taken in front of Impiana Hotel KUL

女人。。鞋子。。  Women..... Shoes......
Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower  吉隆雙子塔

Suria 商場  Suria KLCC Shopping Center

Trying out the KL Chendol and Ice Kachang


Dinner hosted by Chee Kong & Ying Ying 志光,盈盈請客

準備飛離吉隆玻 機場  Departing from KL Airport

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Last updated on 02 September 2018